Treadsafe Safer Steps


Aluminum Stair Nosings and Trims

Tredsafe designs and manufactures smart, elegant designs for all aspects of stair safety and flooring detail trims. The raised pyramid pattern of Tredsafe’s exclusive insert design allows water to drain away while still providing 360 degree slip-resistance. With 40 stair nosing designs to suit all applications and environments and over 33 colours of Tredafe inserts, any step or stair can be made safer with style. Tredsafe detail trims are a range of attractive detail trims to cope with most junctions between different floor coverings.

(depth x height)
AA208overlap for 2.0mm flooring

extra-long nose
2 x 25mm inserts
2.66" x 1.73"

67.6mm x 44.0mm
AA209bevelled edge extra tread depth angled nose

1 x 25mm insert and 1 x 43mm insert
4.41" x 1.42"

112.0mm x 36.0mm
AA222bevelled edge angled nose
2 x 25mm inserts
2.73" x 0.92"

69.5mm x 23.5mm
AA223square back edge extra-long nose
2 x 25mm inserts
2.38" x 1.73"

60.6mm x 44.0mm
AA346overlap for carpet
3 x 13mm inserts
3.00″ x 1.38″

76.0mm x 35.0mm
AA351edge nosing for ceramic tile
3 x 13mm inserts
2.48" (total 4.05") x 0.73"

63.0mm (total 103mm) x 18.5mm


(depth x height)
DT025construction joint cover

2.0mm flooring
3.62" x 0.20"

92.0mm x 5.0mm
DT026construction joint cover carpet3.62" x 0.34"

92.0mm x 8.7mm

3.0mm to carpet flooring
0.98" x 0.30"

25.0mm x 7.5mm
DT031transition carpet to null1.10" x 0.31"

27.8mm x 7.8mm

3.0mm flooring

0.98" x 0.22"

25.0mm x 5.6mm

2.0mm flooring
0.98" x 0.18"

25.0mm x 4.5mm

2.0mm flooring

extended width
2.36" x 0.18"

60.0mm x 4.5mm