Surface Transitions – Big Horn

surface transitions canada, wheelchair transition ramps canada, big horn access ramps, scooter rampsSurface transitions are important in homes and businesses frequented by those with walkers or wheelchairs. We’re proud to carry BigHorn™ Ramps, which use advanced recycled plastic technology to create safe, light-weight residential threshold transitions with heavy load capabilities. Designed for superior slip-resistance, the Big Horn StoneCap™ coating technology incorporates ceramic-coated quartz crystals, offering an enduring surface that is UV stable and guaranteed not to crack or fade.

Molded mitered ends provide a high quality finished product which is available in attractive granite and earth-tone colors to accentuate any home or residence, including Nutmeg Brown, Granite Grey, Antique Bronze, Sky Blue and Brick Burgundy.
BigHorn™ Ramps modifies existing thresholds up to 1.5″, and has molded traction pads for both slip-resistance protection and visual appeal. A gradual tapered front edge with molded 22 degree slope provides safety and access with an attractive finish.

Standard walker and wheelchair ramps are 1.25″ tall x 42″ wide x 12.25″ deep. Ramp can be cut down to fit any rise less than 1.25″. The ramp comes with a high grade butyl rubber peel and stick tape for quick and easy installation. Ramps weigh in at just under 10lbs.

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