Safe Path

The Green Solution to Accessibility

SafePath Products is much more than a ramp manufacturer. We solve vertical rises from 1/2″ to 6″ high with hundreds of product solutions, including Entry LevelLandings™, SafeResidential Ramps™, CourtEdge™ Reducers etc.

Our EZEdge™ Ramps easily fit in front of your door or any other vertical barrier you might have.

These 100% recycled rubber ramps help you effortlessly transition from one height to another.

 BigHorn™ Ramps use advanced recycled composite technology offering the newest in safe, light-weight residential threshold transitions with heavy load capabilities.

SafePath™ Products presents EntryLevel™ Landings, the first and only prefabricated product designed to assure compliance with ADA regulations and access code laws at most door entrances. 

EntryLevel™ Landings are prefabricated for quick and easy installation and are available in many heights, dimensions and colors!