Safe Path Surface Transitions


SafePath Products offers services and products that provide access to those with disabilities. All of the products are environmentally sustainable and use 100% recycled rubber transition ramps for the architectural door and hardware industry.
Their products are applicable to every industry and assure customers for efficient, immediate and affordable approaches to code compliance and injury prevention. This includes school districts, multi-family housing, gymnasium floors, commercial door entrances, hospitals and more.
All SafePath products are designed for long term use and durability and are easy to install and much less expensive than alternatives.
For a detailed description of SafePath’s entire line of 100% recycled transition products.
We are proud to carry the following varieties of SafePath Products:


Safe Path Surface Transitions Details
Entry Level TransitionsThe only prefabricated product designed to assure code compliance at most door entrances.

•Inexpensive, easy to install, come in hundreds of heights and dimensions.
•100% green and sustainable material.
Court EdgesThe first 100% ‘green’ edge treatment for sport courts

•Offers hundreds of design and height configurations
Counter MeasuresThe only solution that doesn’t require construction modification of food service counters for height adjustment

•Custom fit for your counters.
•Install in minutes with minimal tools and construction knowledge.
Seismic TransitionsCover the gaps in the concrete that have been created to allow for seismic shifting.

•Auto traffic bearing
•Use for any structure that requires transitioning from one independent structure to another.
•Quiet, safe and solid
Cable Covers
New products to come include – Rubber Speed Bumps and Rubber Parking Curbs.