Diamond drill bits are useful to have for portable drills. They can drill clean holes through bricks, glass, porcelain, marble and concrete better than other drill bits. Diamond drill bits are useful for bathroom renovations, installing kitchen counters, putting in tile, and much more. The capabilities of the diamond drill bit greatly surpass that of steel by being more efficient and stronger in performance.diamond drill bits vancouver

Some of the most important advantages of using diamond drill bits are speed, minimal noise, tougher on all materials and preventing chips and cracks.

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Here is an example of the speed and accuracy of the diamond drill bit:

By the automatic valve mechanism, water is fed to the cutting teeth only while drilling. The supplied water cools the drill bit too avoid overheating, as well as removing the dust.

Shown here is the water pump that feeds the water through the drill bit:

diamond drill bits bc

Assembly is quick and easy!

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