Tactile Panels

Urban Access Solutions is proud to offer the following Detectable Warning Surfaces as part of our accessibility product lines:

AlertTile - Detectable Warning Surfaces CanadaReplaceable cast-in-place, ADA / DOT approvedAlertTile® is a glass reinforced thermoset composite engineered for superior impact resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance and long-term durability for retrofit applications. AlertTile®'s exclusive design incorporates a thin, slightly flexible profile with a perimeter beveled edge to provide a safe pedestrian transition. See Product >>
Alertcast - detectable warning surfaces CanadaSemi-rigid surface applied, ADA / DOT approved AlertCast® is reinforced thermoset plastic engineered for superior impact-resistance, slip-resistance,wear-resistance and long term durability. Our exclusive design incorporates a top panel of truncated domes molded to exact ADA specifications for detectable warnings and bottom docking anchors that are embedded into wet concrete. The special concrete anchors lock the part securely into the concrete without trapping air beneath the part's surface. While incredibly strong, this system is actually very lightweight and very easy to work with during installation. See Product >>


Flexible surface applied, ADA / DOT approved Detectable warning is constructed of extremely durable, UV protected polyurethane. This flexible mat has a proprietary pre-applied adhesive system that enables installation in less than 10 minutes, drastically reducing labour time and expense, but not at the expense of durability. RediMat: Install in Minutes, Comply for Years. See Product >>

Stainless Steel Panels

Quick solution for new or retro stair landing applications.
Can be applied to all surfaces “including carpet tile”.
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